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Sheet Metal Production

JB Metalindustri A/S manufactures sheet metal products in all common metal alloys. The sheet metal is either punched or laser cut according to your requirements for finish an demands for a competitive price.

Our robot guided punch and laser cutting center help us keep production costs low, optimizes the lead time, and gives you greater flexibility e.g. by rush orders.

Our experience in machining metal parts, also allows processing of sheet metal e.g. milling, threading, recesses etc.

Production capabilities are important in order to secure your delivery time. We manufacture both small and large scale productions ranging from prototypes in one piece, and up to thousands of metal parts.

Many years of experience within sheet metal processing, gives you the opportunity to draw on our knowledge about the technical possibilities in this field.

We are happy to advise you during the developing phase in order to optimize all metal parts before production begins.

We can, on the basis of sketches and/or samples produce the correct documentation to ensure that drawings and other production data are complete.

If you need assistance regarding the basic designs and developing of your products, we are able to help you. We are connected to broad range of companies which specializes in industrial design, physical features, stress and vibration test, simulation etc.

JB METALINDUSTRI A/S • Svalehøjvej 17 • DK-3650 Ølstykke • Telefon: +45 70 22 74 04 • Fax: +45 70 22 75 78​