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About JB Metal

The customers are our close partners that often involve us from the development phase to the fabrication of a prototype and 0-series and in the end the final production.

In this connection we can offer our customers construction services and technical drawing in SoldWorks.

We are able to be your total supplier, where sheet metal fabrication is supplemented by turning, grinding, and welding assignments, surface treatment and assembly, which includes procurement and installation of internally and externally fabricated units.

Through close cooperation with our customers and a dynamic staff organized in a low hierarchy structure, we can in a high degree ensure flexibility. Flexibility, among other advantages, allows the customers to implement changes in the products very late in the fabrication process.

Our customers’ wish for flexibility is central for the cooperation between them and us, which is why we organize and run our business based on flexibility.

It should be additionally mentioned that an advanced MPS system ensures a constant follow up on the production capacity and assists meeting the deadlines.

Company history

JB Metalindustri A/S was established in 1990 by Jørgen Jensen, who is today the CEO of the company. JB Metalindustry A/S was primary established as a sheet metal processing enterprise, but the development took over.

Today, in extension to our sheet metal processing services, JB Metalindustri is able to present a welding and construction sections as well as a high precision mechanic section with a number of CNC controlled spåntagende machines.

We now have 4000 m2 production and office space.

As a result of an increasing need from our customers, JB Metalindustri A/S bought up Høteca in 2002, who was specialized in mechanical construction and development of machinery. Later in 2007, JB Metalindustri additionally bought Borre Metalvarefabrik when a wish to invest in a larger and more modern machine park required an expansion in the customer portfolio.

Thus today we are in the possession of a great amount of know how, which our customers benefit from.


JB Metalindustri A/S currently employs 55 people, and 47 of them works with production.

JB METALINDUSTRI A/S • Svalehøjvej 17 • DK-3650 Ølstykke • Telefon: +45 70 22 74 04 • Fax: +45 70 22 75 78​